About Us


The IL MEGLIO GROUP is a conglomerate of companies that are engaged in various industries such as; maritime services, port operations, import/export, petroleum products, seafoods, automotive, Defense contracting and other various industries throughout the globe.

With our main business segments being maritime services, port operations and logistics services inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. What makes the IL MEGLIO GROUP unique is our steady drive for continuous improvement to be able to react immediately to the market’s needs. We define ourselves as the market-driven innovator for smart shipping and logistics solutions. We breathe our clients’ ideas and convert them into products that benefit the entire industry.

The IL MEGLIO GROUP of Companies is organized along business/branch units, with each unit having an Operations Head who is responsible for both sales and overall profitability and having its own Sales, Logistics, Accounting, Audit and Human Resources departments. With the exception of Sales, these departments have their own counterparts at the Group level which exercise functional supervision over the former. Together, we are the Silk Road Enterprise supporting and facilitating the success of the Global Trade and Import/Export Industries.